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Our History

What began nearly 15 years ago as one man’s individual effort to support his Department of Botany/Microbiology at University of Ibadan, Nigeria after water damaged to the department building, volunteer for school organisations in fund raising, getting books and other materials from UN agencies and donated to the schools and organizations, participation in UN humanitarians programs around the world has now grown into Hawau Eniola (HEN) Foundation. Founded in 2013 after the death of the founder’s mother Mrs Hawau Eniola, the Hen Foundation was built upon the belief system that regardless of stature, only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy; true fulfillment.

Connecting, inspiring, and demonstrating true leadership throughout the world, the Foundation’s has made a significant impact on Education, Health, Empowerment, Social Development etc. Some public primary and secondary school in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo State in Nigeria, benefitted from our foundation the Mathematics Skill Pilot Program. The program teaches how Parents and Teachers can now help their Children/Student effectively and make a positive difference in their Children’s/Student’s lives, without the fear of not knowing enough Maths or the fear of confusing the child with old methods.

How the Children can develop analytical skills, creative thinking skills, social and interactions skills with the modern technique of race to infinity board. An ongoing plan for the similar program in the remaining states of the federation. Hundreds of inner city student benefitted from our annual Free Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Forms, Free Pre-Exam Tutorial and Partial Education Scholarship.

Our foundation organised annual Cancer Screening/Awareness in partnership with the University of Ibadan Cancer Research Centre in Lagos hundreds of women benefitted from the three days screening, awareness, further referral and free medication. The foundation donated medical equipment worth thousands of dollars to the Cancer research centre UI and Akerele Health Care, Surulere Lagos State.

At the 2017 annual event, Never Again Royal Night, our foundation supported Girls Child Network Worldwide founded by CNN Hero Betty Makoni, we donated £500.00 (five hundred pounds sterling) for a rural community in Zimbabwe affording the village girls sanitary towels worth to get £14 (fourteen pounds), and an opportunity for the community’s children to attend school for a whole term. Also, donation of Mathematics Skill board with the modern technique for the rural school girls in Zimbabwe to develop their mathematics skill in school.

Self-Employed Widow and Old-Age Women initiatives received financial support towards their business, an opportunity expand their business, ability to look after their family, ability to send their children to school and alleviate poverty and self-dependence at least ten women from Oke Ogun area of Oyo state Nigeria benefitted on the first phase scheme recently.

Our foundation donated trophy and sports accessories to the faculty of Arts, the University of Ibadan in 2017 during inter departmental Dean’s cup football tournament.

The foundation has a long history of supporting and partnership with many charity organisations in the United Kingdom, USA, and Africa.

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Empowering The Youth Through Entrepreneurship

Agriculture & Poultry Project

Regional Health Program in Partnership with UNFPA

Vocational Training Centre for self-actualization and self-employment

Special Education & Empowerment of IDP’s & Refugees in Partnership with UNHCR (Nigeria Country Office)

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