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About Hen Foundation
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We aim to provide support for the advancement of basic education, the provision of reading materials e.g. textbooks, computers, photocopying machine and renovation of classrooms and libraries. Furthermore, we also aim to provide mobility for those in rural areas like motorbikes and other social development services. We encourage reading cultures through providing mobile libraries; organizing seminars, workshops and symposiums


To improve accessibility and the provision of basic health facility, like Mobile Clinic Ambulance that can move from one community to another to carry out non- surgical operation treatment e.g. Malaria fever, water borne, Diseases, Cancer Screening/Awareness program etc.

Need For eMPOWERMENT & Entrepreneur

We want to empower those considered as underprivileged with the aim of ameliorating poverty and encouraging the development of skills for self-sufficiency, particularly among the most vulnerable people in our society – women, girls and people with disability.

Our Mission

The Hen Foundation has noble aims, to encourage and implement positive change in Africa through better and more accessible health care, the achievement of universal education and working towards an empowerment among the underprivileged members of society. We are a Non-Governmental Organisation, working on a local and international level.